I'm Heidi!  A designer, illustrator, mother and a few other things thrown in there too.

I graduated from Shillington College in 2013 and wound my way through life to create my own design space from which I currently work full time. 

Through high school I was a black and white charcoal illustrator with a fear for colour, once I found digital art it opened up my world and now colour = life. 

I make a point of working on personal projects as much as I can, it's important to me as it creates a sense of pride and achievement for only myself which then can be carried on through my professional jobs.

I currently work full time in a number of positions for a number of businesses here in Australia.

My work can be found here on the PROJECTS page, on my LOOP folio page, as well as in the SHOP section. 


If you'd like to work with me, 
please get in touch!